Indranil Banerjee I Macro Photographer I Kolkata I India
Neobrettus Tibialis first discovered in India.
Neobrettus Research Papers


Various anthropogenic activities like deforestation, climatic change, ozone layer destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, over dependency on fossil fuels, lack of freshwater supply, pollution across the layers of life sustaining resources etc. create a challenging, unhealthy influence on humans, wildlife and other living organisms.
The fight against polluting factories and power plants, toxic dumps, pesticides, oil spills in the oceans, the gradual declination & loss of wilderness, raw sewage being poured into rivers and the extinction of multiple species of wildlife finds a common ground across the nations globally.

Among all above adverse conditions, we still care about preserving Life !!!

My journey is here to present the amazing beauty of insect and spider life both in the form of photography and videography. Welcome to indranilbanerjee photography!